How We Can Make Life Easier For People With Disabilities

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When negotiating the NDIS, CBCHS offers independent Support Coordination. We can put you in touch with the resources you need to succeed. Our outstanding support coordinator Melbourne team brings a breadth of knowledge about the disability industry with them. We take satisfaction in facilitating results and forging genuine connections with people. The CBCHS has a fantastic community network and is a totally independent organisation with outstanding local area knowledge to satisfy your needs. By using our innovative thinking skills and making sure you are connected with the greatest support service for your unique needs, we are able to make the most of your NDIS plan. a unique strategy, always.

You can get help from CBCHS with:

Coordinating Support for NDIS

NDIS Preparation

Coordinating Specialist Support

Melbourne NDIS Support Coordination

Regions We Serve:

Eastern suburbs of Melbourne

Western Inner Melbourne

Melbourne’s south

Melbourne’s west

Coast Peninsula

Our team of NDIS Support Coordinators Melbourne is available to assist you in locating and selecting local service providers in Melbourne who offer the best value and quality if Coordination of Supports is a part of your NDIS plan. Our disability support coordination team is made up of regional experts who are extremely adept at locating a variety of resources, including mainstream and therapy programmes as well as specialised disability supports. They will help you in choosing how and by whom you maintain that your administrations should be performed. What’s more, from that point onward, they might help you in finding the suitable specialist co-ops and setting up those administrations, incorporating working with you to decide the financial plan for each kind of help and arranging expenses and administration level arrangements.

How might I help a Help Organizer?

Our trustworthy and capable NDIS support coordinators in Melbourne are committed to helping out you to obtain the outcomes you need. To find the best answers for you, your help facilitator will carve out opportunity to get to know you, your objectives, interests, and needs.

How we assist

We are providers for disability services Melbourne that provide a wide range of personalised services. Our team of dedicated personal care attendants and disability support employees is dedicated to offering our clients high-quality, dependable services.

The correct assistance to ease daily living

Help with your everyday chores and routines will enable you to lead the life you choose. We are here to help you and to offer specialised support.

  • Regular private activities
  • Vigorous daily self-care activities

The CBCHS distinction

At CBCHS, we firmly believe that everything we do should be centred on meeting your needs. We offer you individualised high-quality disability services in Melbourne. We get the annoyance and wider effects of unreliable services. Because of this, we have a very low absenteeism rate, and we always let you know if your planned service changes.

  • We are dependable and punctual.
  • Personalized support services that are tailored to your needs
  • continual training and assistance for our support staff and timely
  • clear communication with clients and case managers