Wine Tasting In Australia

Australian Shiraz

Wine has become an essential part of the Australian food culture. People with fine pallets and without it have it with their lunch, dinner, breakfast, and in-between. Just like Japan has Sake, Korea has Soju; Australia also has its local blend of wine called Shiraz. Australian Shiraz is made from the fermented grape juice and has been brewed in the local vineyards of Australia for decades. Some of these brands are given below based on their ratings and flavour rankings:

  1. Henschke:


This special Aussie wine is produced in the Eden valley in South Australia. It has a mild flavour and contains the aroma of Eden Valley locally produced grapes.


  1. Pens Fold:


This wine is native to the G3, South Australian region. This wine is aged for at least a decade before it is ready to be opened and sold.


  1. Vinteloper:

This wine is not only well-known in Australia but also has a big market demand in France. The wine has been brewed since 2008 and was created by a couple named David and Sharon.

  1. Pen Folds, Grange:


This is another wine from Pen folds. However, it is a malt grange which is known for its strong flavour and bubbly texture.


  1. Clonakilla:


This is a Shiraz Viognier. It is native to the region of Canberra, New South Wales. This wine has the rustic vineyard aroma and flavour that makes it unique.


  1. Chris Ring land:


Hailing from the distant regions of Barossa Valley, this wine is produced in mass quantities by the brand name Hoffman. This is a pure vineyard Shiraz that is classy and has a unique taste.

  1. Side wood:


All the way from the Adelaide Hills, the Side wood Estate is one of the most sold wines in the region. This Mappinga Shiraz wine is most popular choice of restaurants and cafes for fine dining.


  1. KiliKanoon:


This Shiraz comes from the Clare Valley vineyard. It is quite rare to find and it can be quite high priced. This Shiraz is a selector’s item and famous among the people of acquired taste.


  1. Best’s Thomson Family Shiraz:


This wine business has been passed down to several generations. It has been in business since 1886. Hailing from the Great Western Area, it is well-known for strong notes of black and green grapes.


  1. Rockford:


A rare find aged since 2008. The wine has managed to earn a higher position based on its refined taste and texture. This basket press Shiraz is from Barossa Valley Vineyards.

There are many foodies who are fond of drinking while eating. However, it is better to keep an eye on the Alcohol content of the wine and refrain from operating heavy machinery after having a considerable amount of wine. Since the heathcote shiraz online is locally made in the continent of Australia, is has naturally a huge market in the region. There are around 25 different wine regions in Australia that produce local blend of Shiraz.